Government Medical Institution and Community Participants

Implementation of the employment of non taxation fund national insurance within the first-level health facilities happiness to the government taken off within the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of land range twenty eight of 2014 and Decree No. 3.A Banjar civil authority Year 2017 in Langensari II Puskesmas Banjar still skilled several obstacles, among alternative non delays in disbursement of taxation BPJS each by town Health Department Banjar and Pt. BPJS Banjar.
The aim of this study was to investigate the implementation of the policy of the employment of funds of non taxation BPJS on PHC Langensari II Banjar and implement policies use of funds of non taxation BPJS on PHC Langensari II Banjar that the monetary administration of the funds of non taxation BPJS on PHC Langensari II Banjar with exploitation the speculation of King of England. This analysis may be a qualitative descriptive study in Puskesmas Langensari II Banjar (puskesnas with hospitalization).
Informants Chief medical practitioner, Secretary, Head of Service and also the Health Resources, Head of Sub Division of Program and data, money dealer JKN Department, Head of the medical institution, physician, Head of Section of insurance, money dealer JKN medical institution, arranger midwives, pharmacists, government medical institution and Community BPJS participants.
The gathering of knowledge through observation of non participation, in-depth interviews (in-depth interviews) and study the documentation in accordance with the tradition of social studies. Implementation of health care insurance carried by BPJS particularly melaluidana and non taxation taxation payments to 1st Level Health Facilities (FKTP).
Taxation fund is that the quantity of monthly payments paid ahead to FKTP supported the quantity of participants listed despite the sort and amount of health care provided. moreover, there area unit sources of non taxation grant given by BPJS to the clinic. Non taxation fund is that the quantity of the payment of claims by BPJS the primary Level hospice supported the sort and quantity of health care provided. Analyze knowledge exploitation an interactive model by Miles and Huberman.
The conclusion of the researchers is that the implementation of the employment of funds of non taxation national insurance within the hospice 1st level government closely-held in Puskesmas urban Banjar conducted in Puskesmas Langensari II in 2018 isn't optimum, is shown by the employment of funds of non taxation JKN for drug acquisition doesn't meet the requirements of existing and non taxation fund disbursement JKN claim on health BPJS still usually too late.
Factors supporting and covering structure of forms, there's no SOP for implementation. Resources within the clinic embody the employees, the authority, data and facilities area unit lacking. Disposition (attitude) implementor within the clinic and within the workplace of the dearth of support. Communication has been enforced, however there's still lack of clarity and inconsistencies.
Services BPJS in Banjar, particularly in health facilities 1st rate (FKTP) during this case health centers for patient way no drawback however in patient health centers (Ranap) as PHC Langensari II there was a haul on the one hand services to participants BPJS Health ought to go well whereas funds all the way down to|all the way down to} the clinic late downs eventually Langensari II health centers ought to build each effort however that service will continue even supposing the funds down to Langensari II puskesmas Banjar late.

Dried Milk Contains Nutrients

Utilization of waste milk is one different to cut back the price of feed to stock. dry milk is milk that has been rejected isn't used or now not consumed by humans. dried milk rejected usually found within the remains of process factories that utilize milk because the main staple. dried milk salvage is another to be added to the industrial feed. dried milk could be a salvage the remnants of dried milk hooked up to the means that of production or can even invalid dried milk that nutrient levels not abundant completely different from the milk diafkir(Irianto, 2011), dried milk rejected qualify as a feed supplement in broilers, square measure promptly out there, comparatively reasonable value, don't contend with human desires and adequate biological process composition.
As bran, dry milk salvage may even be classified as processed foods, processed primarily for human desires, whereas the rest or waste to stock. The purpose of this study was to see the utilization of waste as milk powder as a supplement in industrial feeds on the share of the dead body and belly fat of roosters. This study used an entire randomised style with five teams and seven replications. the primary to fifth cluster is P0 (control), P1 (commercial food + dried milk waste a pair of.5% of the overall feed), P2 (commercial food + five-hitter dried milk waste from the overall feed), P3 (commercial food + seven.5% waste dried milk from the overall feed), P4 (commercial food + 100% dried milk waste from the overall feed).
The results of the trial were distributed on 2-5 weeks recent chickens. The results Showed that there have been no vital variations (p > zero.05) within the share of male broiler dead body and belly fat in every cluster, however weight Showed a major distinction (P < zero.05).
Perunggas industry’s development in country currently appears to own advanced thus speedily, however perpetually baby-faced with numerous constraints additionally growing and more and more advanced. farm business, to attain success, not solely needed substantial capital and specialist skills were adequate, however additionally the management and production of reliable selling (Murtidjo, 2006). Feed is that the deciding issue on growth, additionally to the upkeep of seedlings and governance. the way to spur the expansion required feed quality and amount ample. Completeness of the feed substance is crucial within the preparation of rations.
Feed is that the issue that almost all prices in broiler farm that's 60-70 p.c of the overall price of production (Santoso, 1987). The high demand for the feed, it's not shocking that a great deal of varied analysis to boost feed potency by feeding smart. Rejects dried milk contains nutrients that is incredibly comprehensive and really advanced, and so important to feature to the industrial feed.
The addition of dried milk rejected as extra feed material within the sort of nutrients, particularly small nutrients like vitamins, minerals or amino acids. extra food rations serve to enhance or enhance the micro-nutrient content in rations that square measure usually lacking or don't meet standards.
The aim is to boost the standard of rations and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients ration (Kathir, 2003). extra convenience of small nutrients within the ration are able to increase the expansion in broilers that have a sway each on the rise in dead body weight and abdominal fat loss broilers.

Communication Technology has Changes in Education

Information technology has opened the world’s eyes to a replacement world, a replacement interaction, new market place, and a business networking world without boundaries. Progress within the field of data technology is that the development of a decent web chat web site and build the globe additional accessible. However, advances in data technology that would be positive or negative counting on utilization. web is a vital discovery, human life is currently for the most part influenced by him, starting from the utilization of on-line social media like Twitter, Facebook, and others. samples of on-line users of social media like Facebook in Indonesia’s own growth is that the highest within the world.
The study used quantitative and descriptive approach, descriptive elect as a result of it describes however the behavior of the use of social networking sites at schools. The number of respondents researchers is seventy two folks. information were collected exploitation interviews and questionnaires with some respondents World Health Organization are elect by the man of science to get answers as clear as potential and facts that support the analysis findings.
Analysis of the info obtained, the behavior of the use of social networking sites at SMAN two Surabaya particularly in XI category wherever students ar additional possible to utilize these social networking sites ar the feminine sex, utilizing social networking sites as a result of the scholars need to induce data that's additional up thus far similarly because the students need to feature an admirer in Internet.
Almost each country isn't any exception necessary establishments inside the highschool are exploitation computers. we have a tendency to assume that education technology, each computer code and hardware kind, confirm the success of the training method within the world of education these days.
Therefore, to strengthen the requirement for college kids served on an individual basis, in school and within the room has been some movement of discrimination of instruction (Wijaya, 1987). Changes to accompany turnaround times endlessly, can have an effect on the ministry of the learners within the learning method (Wijaya, 1987: 2). instructional establishments shouldn't be blown away by the prevailing facilities, the recent strategies and recent techniques, with stress on memorisation then on, thus it's less meaningful once applied to this.
Communication technology has changes in education. Their high technical world merchandise like computers, satellite, video, radio, television, et al. have usually we have a tendency to see and knowledge, particularly residents of huge cities. Providing meaningful amendment significantly among students in highschool. Therefore, pihal educators will respond and supply information proliferation of communications technologies that exist these days.
The need for data for all functions of human life these days is extremely high. particularly in developed countries, the data may be a terribly important result on the lives of its folks. nearly no data accomplishment, the web has become the consumption of babyhood, virtually each home already includes a pc connected to the web, particularly within the era of globalisation, wherever distances and demarcation between the State of the opposite countries ar more and more blurred and no restricted, the web is a technique to speak to folks round the world. web network may be a electronic network capable of connecting computers round the world so data, varied varieties and in varied forms is communicated between totally different elements of the globe instantly and globally.

Combines Strategies and Tools within the Field of Statistics

Data mining is one in every of the new analysis studies ar terribly speedy development, beside the rapid climb of {information} from the employment of variations-wide information systems. {data mining|data methoding} is that the process of finding new data, valid and helpful information patterns during a giant info, Kumar [1].
This field combines strategies and tools within the field of statistics, databases, scientific theory, information visualisation and machine learning and has been applied in several fields starting from business (marketing, patterns of shoppers, prediction trends and patterns of movement of stocks, and therefore the classification of borrowers) to the appliance within the field of science (astronomy, biology, drugs and geology).
Task-major task in data processing is account, sequences, classification, association, trends and clump. To perform this task-task, several strategies which will be used embody the applied mathematics approach (Bayesian network, prediction strategies, correlation analysis and cluster analysis), approach to machine learning / computing (decision tree, neural networks, genetic algorithms, mathematical logic and others).
This approach should be supported by economical info access. Association rule spatial data algorithm, the data mining may be a branch of engineering that's terribly speedy development. With the speedy growing spacial info, geographic information and medical notably, the role of knowledge mining is changing into a lot of necessary and cause a brand new branch in data processing that's spacial data processing.
This paper mentioned the methodology and implementation of the association rule searches in spacial information with FP-Tree algorithmic rule approach / FP-Growth. information preprocessing performed on spacial information and its attributes and generate non-spatial information supported planned spacial relationship.
Moreover, this method is additionally done categorization information for the attributes of non-spatial. The results of this preprocessing within the kind of tables which can then be used as a knowledge supply for the search spacial association rule. Martin organic compound et. al. [3] defines the spacial data processing with the approach of the 2 sides of data discovery in databases (KDD) and spacial databases. KDD may be a method of discovery of latest patterns, right, and has the potential to be helpful from the information. spacial info system may be a info system for managing spacial information.
Spacial data processing is extremely necessary to still be developed because of many things, among others, is that the growth of spacial information terribly quickly due to the progressively widespread application of GIS (among others for geo-marketing, analysis and management of the surroundings, the unfold of population, the unfold of the sickness and others) and therefore the use of medical pictures that the a lot of (the diagnosing of sickness supported the image of the MRI and CT Scan, the introduction of blood cells and others) [2], Miller [4], data [5]. Along with the rapid climb of the spacial info, geographic information and medical notably, the role of knowledge mining is changing into a lot of necessary. supply of information used into 2 styles of spacial data and non-spatial, in order that data processing is growing and features a ‘branch’ 2 new spacial data processing.
Following the definition of knowledge mining, Koperski defines spacial data processing because the discovery {of knowledge|of information|of information} from giant amounts of spacial data, Koperski [2].

Observation Patients with Polygenic Disorder and Intelligent Agents

Humans have information of the case of software package, if given the information, it'll be able to resolve the problem received from the surroundings, by selecting AN existing answer within the knowledge domain. If data the knowledge associated with however the info is processed into information, information is however info is processed into information. Intelligent agent with information (knowledge) has used on info technology within the health sector.
Examples on intelligent agents in observation patients with polygenic disorder and intelligent agents within the management of patient information. The current software package needed to resolve human issues showing intelligence. Intelligence (intelligence), is required thanks to the increasing complexness of the work done by the software package, so then the software package was designed to figure in automatic.
From the information he has, then later the software package, are able to provides a reaction or answer of incidents or issues that it receives. therefore the use of intelligent agents are developed and used on info technology within the health sector Agent intelligent or intelligent use of agent in information technology area unit pc systems, reactive (reaktive), pro-active (pro-active) and social (social) to its surroundings.
Reactive (reaktive) is beneficial for maintaining interaction with the surroundings and answer changes. whereas pro-active in distinction to reactive, pro-active (proactiveness) suggests that attempting to realize his goal with the initiative, while not awaiting a particular event or events. whereas social skills (social ability) suggests that the agent can continuously be related to the opposite agent. as a result of in achieving the goal or task, the agent should support every agent ought to have the flexibility to acknowledge and receive info from the skin (perception), then take action (action), Jiang [3]. Agent should have the flexibility to acknowledge and receive info from the skin (perception), then take action (action), Wooldridge [1].
Intelligent Agent could be a ADP system that's freelance, that's able to perform AN action to the wants of the surroundings, specifically the necessity itself, therefore AN agent will end the work delegated to them higher (delegation), and capable of showing intelligence managing information (intelligence), additionally contribute to the surroundings (interconnection), as represented below, Bigus [2] Humans receive something from the surroundings, to see, hear or style. What it receives through the filter, therefore it can even reject one thing.
Intelligent Agent should have the flexibility to receive info from the surroundings. That info is received with victimization sensors. Intelligent Agent can even send info request message to the opposite agent. Agent ought to be viewed with either traditional event (mouse movement) of serious events (double click).
If Intellligent Agent works to observe e-mail or newsgroup, the agent should be able to apprehend if it receives a brand new document.The ability to note or acknowledge {the information|the knowledge|the information} hidden within the data is tough. as a result of it needs intelligence and information. this can be what's known as the “Perceptive”.
Once the agents have the flexibility Perceptive in distinguishing the knowledge received, the agent ought to be able to take action. Action which will be done simply by not react or can send a message to a different agent. Like humans WHO react in an exceedingly thanks to speak or send e-mail to speak with folks in their surroundings.

Analysis and Risk Assessment of Data Security

Analysis and Risk Assessment can offer info on the chance profile, still because the recommendations of security management, which might scale back the chance of data security threats during a company. the chance profile is obtained supported the identification of weaknesses, threats and trends, that is closely-held by the corporate.
This study can take the analysis object could be a supplying company. supplying company with a core business of stevedoring services, managing important info and sensitive, that ought to be protected by the applying of security controls. Implement security controls on most of the supplying company, is finished unintended, supported the temporary would like or the budget obtainable. This causes security controls don't seem to be ready to scale back the chance effectively and expeditiously. within the method of constructing a risk mitigation arrange, that is predicated on the analysis and risk mitigation assessment information technology, analysis and analysis section.
The analysis is conducted to assess the quality of the management of the weaknesses or vulnerabilities are eliminated. The analysis technique used is that the analysis of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit. analysis and analysis of the recommendations of security management, would be a risk mitigation arrange that's complete and comprehensive, because it can provide priority to the implementation of security controls, in a trial to decrease the chance to the supplying company, effectively and expeditiously.
The analysis is conducted to assess the quality of the management of the weaknesses or vulnerabilities are eliminated. The analysis technique used is that the analysis of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit. Evaluation and analysis of the recommendations of security management, would be a risk mitigation arrange that's complete and comprehensive, because it can provide priority to the implementation of security controls, in a trial to decrease the chance to the supplying company, effectively and expeditiously.
The analysis is conducted to assess the quality of the management of the weaknesses or vulnerabilities are eliminated. The analysis technique used is that the analysis of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit. analysis and analysis of the recommendations of security management, would be a risk mitigation arrange that's complete and comprehensive, because it can provide priority to the implementation of security controls, in a trial to decrease the chance to the supplying company, effectively and expeditiously.
Risk info Technology (IT) is probably going to occur and can provides a negative impact to the corporate, like the chance of data security violations. info security violations at the supplying company, might cause the stop of the course of business, thus on offer damages and loss of client confidence to the corporate. info security breach can't solely be reduced by implementing physical security controls, with the newest technology, however must implement a lot of controls on body and operational.
Best management recommendations ought to be enforced, ought to be supported the results of method analysis and risk assessment. Analysis and risk assessment of data security (information security risk assessment) is that the starting of the method of risk management (risk management), that must be done to spot potential threats and risks.
With analysis and risk assessment, it'll be obtained on controls supported the chance profile of that is closely-held by the corporate, and also the method of risk mitigation, can perform analysis and analysis against these recommendations, thus it'll realize an outsized choice of security controls in accordance with the wants of data security for the corporate, and security controls ar enforced, will effectively and expeditiously decrease the chance of data technology.

The Impact of Feet Reflexology to Decrease Fatigue Level ESRD Patients

Fatigue may be a subjective perception describing lack of energy and weakness which may be practised ESRD patients World Health Organization endure haemodialysis. Interventions applied to scale back fatigue is feet reflexion technique. The aim of analysis is to spot the impact of feet reflexology to decrease fatigue level ESRD patients endure haemodialysis. The analysis used quasi-experimental style and choosing the sample by consecutive sampling technique. every cluster of intervention and management consisted of thirty one respondents.
Fatigue level was measured mistreatment the flat Assessment of Fatigue Scale from MAPI analysis Trust. Effect of feet reflexology on fatigue, Fatigue was measured before and when intervention and additionally within the management cluster. applied mathematics check shown a distinction of fatigue level before and when feet reflexology (p=0.000) with a decrease on fatigue level from twenty six became 22; whereas the management cluster showed no vital distinction (fatigue level score increase from twenty four became 30). freelance t-test datum showed a distinction fatigue level between management and intervention cluster (p=0.000).
Fatigue dimension is shown in four (four) aspects particularly degree, severity, the impact to daily activity of life and time) with a scale of 6-8 (moderate fatigue). variable statistical regression showed feet reflexology technique decrease fatigue level (p=0.000) and along side medication class, age, education, and frequency of haemodialysis tributary sixty six.4% in decreasing fatigue level.
End-stage excretory organ sickness (ESRD) may be a progressive and irreversible excretory organ perform disorder. Impaired excretory organ perform happens once the body fails to take care of metabolism, fluid and balance, inflicting retention of carbamide gas within the blood and trash. excretory organ harm causes issues within the ability and strength of the body that causes noncontinuous work activities, the body simply tired and weak (Smeltzer dan blank, 2004). ESRD sufferers within the u. s. there square measure ten,000 sufferers in 1973, 86,354 sufferers in 1983 and 547,982 sufferers in 2008 (Obrador & Pereira, (2012).
The Centers for sickness management (2009) states that forty five,000 folks with chronic excretory organ sickness die within the u. s.. The incidence in country is thirty.7 per million population and therefore the prevalence rate is twenty three.4 per million population and in 2006 around ten,000 patients were treated with haemodialysis (Suhardjono, 2008). the most causes of ESRD with haemodialysis treatment square measure chronic Bright's disease (36.4%), DM (19.9%), high blood pressure (9.1%), and infection (24.4%) (Prodjosudjadi & Suhardjono, 2009).
Hemodialysis is Associate in Nursing act of subbing excretory organ perform to get rid of metabolic waste that's not required by the body through permeable membranes as a extractor of blood and dialysate fluid in artificial renals wherever diffusion, diffusion and ultrafiltration processes occur. End-stage excretory organ sickness patients undergoing chemical analysis treatment throughout his life. The long chemical analysis method will cause numerous physical and mental issues like fatigue (Diatrans country excretory organ Foundation, 2012).
 Fatigue may be a combination of a decrease in mental and physical functions that leads to reduced morale, leading to faded effectiveness and potency (Saito, 1999). Fatigue may be a physical and emotional amendment in ESRD patients with haemodialysis treatment.
Untreated fatigue will have a control on quality of life, dependence on others, weakness, faded physical and motive, faded concentration, headaches, sleep disorders, social isolation and depression (Sullivan; rate Carthy, 2009; Lewis et al, 2011). Complementary therapies that square measure a good various a part of medical aid for treating fatigue square measure reflexology within the legs (Barbara & Kunz (2003).

E-commerce could be a Selling Media

The development of web technology has had a positive impact on Indonesia, particularly the expansion of e-commerce, particularly the shopping for and mercantilism forum. several e-commerce corporations in Indonesia square measure competitory to induce satisfaction from their users, a way is to take care of the standard of the company’s web site.
This study aims to guage the standard of Tokopedia web site to user satisfaction by exploitation WebQual four.0. Populations and samples square measure taken supported users or shoppers WHO use the Tokopedia web site or WHO have already created transactions that job as workplace workers and square measure situated in Djakarta. Tests disbursed square measure hypothesis testing and multiple regression analysis by exploitation applied math Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) twenty four.0 version.
Based on the form obtained from 124 respondents, the general quality of the Tokopedia web site scored seventy four.1% that indicates the standard of the web site is nice per the users. the standard of the Tokopedia web site relies on the R² price (Adjusted R Square) causative sixty seven.3% to user satisfaction. Partially, the variable quality of use doesn't have an effect on user satisfaction, the knowledge quality variable considerably influences user satisfaction, the variable quality of service interaction considerably influences user satisfaction. at the same time, the standard of usability, the evaluation of online shop website quality using webqual 4.0 method and standard of data and also the quality of service interactions have an effect on user satisfaction.
Increasing web users have an influence on the expansion of e-commerce in Indonesia, particularly the shopping for and mercantilism forum. several business opportunities seem in many shopping for and mercantilism forums in Indonesia. This growth is supported by knowledge from Google and Temasek analysis entitled “e-Conomy ocean 2018” that states that the worth of e-commerce transactions in 2018 reached 176.9 trillion [1].
E-commerce could be a selling media that uses an internet site to interact or facilitate an internet product sale or a complete electronic media that gives info transactions between organizations and different external stakeholders [2]. meantime web media, particularly e-commerce, prospective customers will seek for info a couple of product that they have in real time so it will cut back the hassle and prices incurred to seek out product info. Information technology could be a a part of human life nowadays. In numerous fields, technology plays a vital role to support each activity of human life and is ready to facilitate each want for everyday human life.
One example of current technological progress is that the presence of the web. the web has become AN integral a part of human life within the twenty first century. The progress of web technology has become a logo of the way to communicate freely, while not being restricted by area, distance and time.
Supported by numerous benefits and benefits of the web, among others, the value of web affiliation is comparatively cheap and also the handiness of unlimited info, the web is currently one amongst the most wants of the community in meeting all information-related wants. In Indonesia there square measure several e-commerce sites that square measure developing, presently the foremost distinguished websites within the e-commerce class in Indonesia square measure,, JD.ID,,, and per iPrice quarterly knowledge in 2018, the largely month web site guests in 2018 for e-commerce square measure Tokopedia within the 1st rank of 168 million guests, Bukalapak is hierarchical second with 116 million guests, Shopee is hierarchical third with sixty seven.7 million guests, Lazada is hierarchical fourth with fifty eight.3 visitors, Blibli was hierarchical fifth with forty three.1 million guests and there have been still several different e-commerce [3]

Controlled Fermentation Time and Temperature of Coconut

Fermentation dynamics studies ar elementary in understanding any fermentation method. copra oil process analysis through fermentation dynamics studies will illustrate the expansion rate of the cells, the employment of substrate consumption and merchandise formation. the aim of this analysis is to review the dynamics of fermentation during a batch of basic materials coconut dish by R. oryzae L.16 into copra oil. Conditions that ar controlled fermentation time and temperature of fermentation. analysis determined was the yield of oil, starch and therefore the variety of colonies.
The analysis result copra oil from the coconut fruit pulp fermentation by R. oryzae fermentation L.16 manufacture 34oC temperature conditions, the best oil yield of forty three.87%. Fermentation kinetics slurry coconut fruit, fermentation dynamics calculation results obtained specific rate values of zero.0649 h-1, the quantity of merchandise supported the quantity of substrate consumed (Y ) of seven.1075 h-1, the quantity of microbic cells that grow supported the substrate consumed (Y) Of five.4839 h-1, the particular rate of product formation (Qp) of zero.4613 h-1, the particular rate of substrate reduction (Qs) adequate to zero.0118 h-1, the expansion rate constants (KP1) of zero.0032 h-1.
Kinetics of fermentation obtained will illustrate the connection between mould growth with the quantity of oil made and therefore the substrate used for the expansion of mould, [1]. The analysis objective was to review 1) the impact of fermentation temperature and fermentation time coconut dish by R. oryzae L.16, 2) fermentation dynamics of coconut suspension to the formation of oil by R. oryzae L.16. The materials employed in the experiment ar coconuts Dwarf sorts, with gather age 12-13 months, from Parakan Muncang, Cicalengka. substance used was substance powder , pure culture R. L.16 OBTAINED FROM the gathering OF THE LABORATORY OF PACIFIC MONAS cookery ACADEMY.
Vegetable oil is one among the necessary artifact in international trade ar wide consumed worldwide in each developed and developing countries, Arsyad and Ghaffar [1]. one among the necessary oil within the world is copra oil. Dutch East Indies is variety 2 oil producer once the Philippines, the Department of Agriculture [2]. copra oil analysis of late continuing what's currently called copra oil. a technique that's probably to be applied to the oil business could be a little and enormous scale fermentation.
However, the matter, at the time are going to be applied is incredibly troublesome to try to to, from work scale to pilot scale set up and factories. For that matter, is critical to review the dynamics to see the best conditions, each quantitatively and qualitatively. knowledge dynamics obtained ar expected to produce an outline of environmental factors ar best, and this is often important, as a result of it permits management of fermentation, engineering and style of bioreactors that is one among the foundations for the event of biotechnology processes, Judoamidjojo et al. [3].
The tools employed in the experiments is that the flask, electrical balance, volumetrical measuring instrument, test tubes, petri dishes, beakers, incubators, autoclaves, needle ose, blenders, centrifuges, funnels, and shaker, stratified Air Flow cupboard.
The study consisted of the stages of preparation and analysis. At the stage of preparation of the substance distributed the manufacture of powder R. ORYZAE L.16, For the analysis section conducted 2 phases involving 2 factors fermentation temperature and fermentation time.
For the primary study to research the stages oil yield calculation, the quantity of colonies, determined starch content many times Associate in Nursing interval of vi hours throughout the fermentation forty eight hours. Fermentation dynamics assessed supported results of the primary study section.

Determinative the Situation of the Distribution Center

PT. docking facility may be a company with its main business as a food maker typical dodol Garut town. the quantity of customers World Health Organization have an interest in these product each from inside and from outside the city of Garut, prompting the corporate to supply higher service. In a shot to supply most convenience and waiters to customers similarly as expand the selling space, it's necessary to line up a distribution center within the town of Garut dodol.
In determinative the situation of a distribution center within the town of Garut needed a spread of issues needed in determinative strategic location. As things – things that require to be thought of in determinative the situation, namely: Strategic location and distribution center, amenities, range of Competitors, distance from the industrial plant to the potential location and Rental ton.
To provide convenience to customers in getting this dodol product particularly within the town of Garut, it's necessary Pt. docking facility establish the situation of the distribution center within the town of Garut to satisfy the wants of customers similarly as cut back the price of shipping, so as to expand selling space and increase company profits. determinative the situation of the distribution center is one among the selections that ought to be thought of pretty much as good as doable.
If the corporate wrong in taking the choice, the corporate can bear the danger of such loss or failure to realize the specified goals and objectives of the corporate. because the formulation of the matter during this study correspond to the issues that are delineate within the background of the study are: a. To what extent square measure the variables of the factors determinative the situation (facility, distance from industrial plant to plug, range of Competitors, and rental prices) may have an effect on the strategic location. b. determinative the situation of a brand new distribution center for Pt. docking facility within the town of Garut’s most strategically to expand the selling space.
Dodol industrial development within the city of Garut in recent years has fully grown well, as is obvious by the increasing sales of dodol created in numerous varieties. Increasing demand create a retardant for producers dodol that exists nowadays, wherever the manufacturer should be able to vie for the product or services that have high fight in an endeavor to win market share.
At this point dodol product created by Pt. docking facility several client demand each from the city of Garut and customers World Health Organization square measure from the town of Garut, whereas the corporate still markets its product round the city of Garut.
The method wont to solve the matter in accordance with the objectives square measure achieved, specifically Path Analysis and Promethee.Problem-solving model exploitation Path Analysis (Path Analysis) aims to see what proportion influence the given variables freelance (Facility, Distance, Total Competitors and Rental) against Strategic Market space [1].
The second problem-solving model by exploitation the tactic PROMETHEE (Preference Ranking organiza-tion methodology For Enrichment Evaluation), that aims to decision-making within the choice of distribution locations. methodology Promethee enclosed in cluster problem-solving Multiple Criteria higher cognitive process (MCDM) or decision-making criteria for the compound that may be a important discipline in decision-making on a difficulty that has quite one criterion (multiple criteria).
Brans, defines the impact that Promethee may be a methodology of determinative the order (priority) within the analysis of multiple criteria. The central issue is that the simplicity, clarity and stability. The allegations of the dominance of the standards utilized in Promethee is that the use worth of the outranking relationship.